Direct the babies, save the babies!
In the future, $BABYBOO holders will be able to vote on new BabyTokens that get launched in the ecosystem, their farm weights as well. So even when farming rewards have ended for one of the BabyTokens, users can vote to create liquidity incentives for those tokens with future BabyToken launches. Eventually we hope the project can be self ran and require nothing else but the community! Just as BabyBoo was born and raised by the community, we see the project the same.
At the moment, there are no "official" BabyDAO tokens other than BabyBoo itself. While we start to build a family, we hope to create babies for projects that we feel add value to the FTM ecosystem. We will start with Fantom native projects that we really believe are innovating!
Our hope is as BabyDAO grows and proves itself over time, more and more projects are comfortable working directly with us to launch official baby versions of their tokens.
More details to come soon!
Last modified 1yr ago