BabyBoo Buys Boo! It is that simple!

What is BabyBoo?

BabyBoo is the next evolution of a yield-generating token on the Fantom Opera Network (FTM): just by holding BabyBoo you are rewarded with $BOO! The token contract employs a static reward system—10% of every transaction is split in three:
  • 7% BOO is redistributed to holders 😺
  • 1% is used to fuel the liquidity pool 😽
  • 2% BOO is allocated to the Buy Back / Marketing / Developer Wallet. 😻
BabyBoo will be a central part of BabyDao and the future baby ecosystem! 👶 BabyBoo will act as a governance tool to vote on new BabyTokens as well as the farming pairs that will be used to emit those tokens. 🚼
By distributing new BabyTokens tokens by farming, liquidity for these tokens will be incentivized as well as supporting older babies (BabyTokens) whose emissions have dried up after the 9-month gestation period. Users will be able to create votes on farm weights, suggest new BabyTokens, and ultimately decide how liquidity incentives are distributed! 👼 Over time the goal is to build a big BabyToken Family! No baby big or small gets left behind, new launches benefit old BabyTokens!! The babies are coming and they will be fed 🍼👶 !!!
The BabyDao is where all the babies will live, including BabyBoo! 🏠 You will find farms, achievement NFTs, governance and so much more! This where the Dashboard lives and the rest of BabyDao/BabyBoo dAPPs.
Make sure you are on the correct Network and have enough Fantom for Gas!
Purchase directly on SpookySwap and simply type BabyBoo in the To portion of the Swap Page! Visit as well!

Classic redistribution

This is a concept that was popularized by Safemoon 🌑. The mechanism incentivizes token holders to hold in order to earn dividends from the transactions (buys and sells). Redistribution is based on percentage (in the contract), current token balance and number of holders. The way it works for holders: You buy tokens and hold them and you’ll automatically receive BOO in your wallet. Not a single action is required. Your BABYBOO tokens amount is persistent and won’t change. TL; DR: You receive more tokens automatically. 😻 Note: In periods of low volume BOO may not be sent out every hour, but don’t worry. It accumulates and is sent when ready. You’ll never miss out, however you can trigger claims on our website manually or via the dashboard (pending rewards are shown).

Why SpookySwap?

SpookySwap has a great team and is one of many blue-chip projects on Fantom, we want to support native projects and thank them for choosing Fantom!
As more people come over to $FTM from other chains, we believe SpookySwap's value will explode. One day, the $BOO purchased by BabyBoo will be worth $1000 each!

BabyDao dAPP

We created a unique dAPP that tracks your lifetime BOO rewards, pending BOO rewards, volume, liquidity and much more. Mint NFTs that you can only unlock based on your lifetime dividend rewards! The rarer the achievement the higher cost to mint (limited supply)! BABYBOO will be used to farm new BabyTokens, the farms will be hosted on this dAPP as well. New babies will have their tokens emitted over a 9 month gestation period to BabyBOO-FTM/BabyToken-FTM/BabyToken-Token pairs.

The Tech

  • The smart contract keeps track of all token holders in an array.
  • The smart contract indexes the array for processing.
  • Every transaction processes a certain number of users, depending on the transaction size (larger token transfers can process more users, as gas is proportionally less than the value of the tokens).
  • The token is based on a TradFi Dividend-Paying Standard, where BOO is equally split to the BabyBoo holders.
  • When its time for user's dividends to be processed, the smart contract will check how many withdrawable dividends they have, and if above the minimum threshold for an auto-claims (gas/value threshold) it will claim those dividends for BOO by triggering a buy back or purchase of BOO.
This system is fully automated and checks minimal gas fees proportional to value transferred. The number of holders processed through each transaction is dynamic and based on transaction size. Holders will receive dividends from the queue based on their position in the array. It’s a fair system, fully automated as well. Users must have a minimum token balance of 200,000 BabyBoo to receive BOO distributions.

Listing Information

Fair launched 85% of total supply, available to be purchased on SpookySwap.

Token Information

Network: Fantom Opera Mainnet (ERC-20)
Ticker: $BABYBOO
Contract Address: 0x471762A7017A5B1A3e931F1A97aa03Ef1E7F4A73
LP Contract Address: 0x24a5D3e0E3D8F21d94508f148682379fCaB532D8
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
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